Refresher courses

Refresher Courses

For ANY aspect of your driving you are not happy with, or maybe an accident has made you reassess your driving skills and you have had a decline in self belief. Well, a defensive driving course will put all those demons to bed and make you a much more confident, relaxed and of course a better driver!

Sometimes it takes a little confidence to get behind the wheel again for whatever reason; a “wall” or “barrier” can be built over a period of time so driving again can seem like a massive challenge. I can really help.

Maybe you have not driven for a while and just want “a vote of confidence”, just let me know !

Often anxiety can have a negative effect on your driving performance , and makes you more likely to make a mistake.This is because you become distracted, worrying what might happen instead of focusing on what you actually need to do. I can really help with reducing this anxiety.

I get many calls from families concerned about how long older generations should drive for; an assessment can be completed to answer this in some part.

Just ask and I shall accommodate anything you need. ; perhaps on your ability to cope with challenging situations your not used to eg

– a Motortorway drive you have been dreading.

– driving on new / larger roudabouts / road junctions

– your now a parent with young children in the car

– driving on longer journeys and /or at night